Carter County Youth Leadership have taken on the task of cleaning up Carter County for their project this year, and though the 28 high school juniors from across the county aren't going to start until April, they're wasting no time in getting organized and creating a game plan.

They are holding a public meeting Monday, Jan. 27, to help organize additional volunteers, provide information, and collect supply donations from those who wish to help with efforts.

“We're getting that new sports park in, and the goal is to get tourists,” said Youth Leadership member McClain Dyer. “We don't want to get these people to come in and not come back because we live in a dirty community.”

He also noted litter along roadsides to natural areas that folks might visit in the county, like Carter Caves or Grayson Lake, and how that detracts from the experience for visitors and locals alike.

When they thought about those things that made the county special, he said, the idea of cleaning up the seemed like a good fit.

“We thought, 'Well, let's do a county wide clean-up. Let's do two locations. We'll do two of our state parks. We'll do Grayson Lake. We'll do Carter Caves. We'll do the two main cities. We'll have groups in Olive Hill and we'll have groups in Grayson.”

They've already gotten a lot of positive feedback and promises of support, he said, but they want to give everyone a chance to get involved, so they can make the largest single day impact possible. That's why they're organizing the informational meeting on Jan. 27.

“We've been putting stuff out there, for where to bring donations, where you can sponsor the event, and where you can volunteer at,” Dyer said. “But we've gotten a lot of emails and a lot of phone calls – we just got a phone call from King's Daughters the other day saying they are going to donate our sharps containers for us – so this meeting, the goal is to get people to come and learn about it. So we can answer their questions, and help get the word out there faster.”

The Carter County Cleanup informational meeting will be on Jan. 27 at 7 p.m. in the Grayson City Building. The cleanup itself is scheduled for April 11.

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