I love when I can find a recipe that can be prepared quick and easy. I also enjoy the challenge of finding a recipe that can be prepared with ingredients that I already have in my kitchen.

So, when I can do that, it is a bonus.

It has been a fun experience to locate recipes in the Carter County Church Cookbooks that I wouldn’t ordinarily prepare, let alone think of. The unique blends are fun, and for the most part, have been very easy to follow in the kitchen.

This week has been fun for me as a sports fan. The Wildcats (as of this writing) are still in the thick of March Madness, and the Cincinnati Reds made their return to the baseball diamond.

Spring always brings new life, and for me, new hopes of a successful baseball season. Sports fans like to get together and have a good time during such events. You can see by social media posts that fans of a particular team like to unite for a common cause.

When we decided to prepare the recipe for this week that came to my mind. These bitesized snacks would be great to use when entertaining at such an event.

Although very popular, I am not a big fan of coconut. A lot of my friends and family enjoy it though. Coconut Bon Bon’s do not ordinarily come to mind as a snack to be enjoyed at these types of events, which is why I find it to be such a unique choice.

We have prepared peanut butter balls, and even Oreo balls, however this recipe was a new one for us. Preparing styles of foods or snacks that we wouldn’t ordinarily make is something that we enjoy, and the cookbook series has been a gold mine for that. This week is no different.

With this recipe for “Coconut Bon Bons” by Rella Duncan from the First Baptist Church Cookbook, you will be well on your way to a fun and tasty treat. To complete this

recipe, you will need the following ingredients: 2 ½ cups dry coconut 1 tsp. vanilla ¾ cup light Karo Syrup Dipping chocolate You will begin by heating the syrup to a boil. Remove syrup from the heat and add the coconut and vanilla. Mix well. Let the mixture stand for at least one hour. You will then roll the mixture into balls, and dip in chocolate. It is suggested that you use pastel colored chocolate.

Although, we used white chocolate, the pastel suggestion made me think. These would be perfect to prepare in the colors of your favorite sports team. For the coconut lover, this recipe is ideal. The coconut and the chocolate blends in a tasty fashion and will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Easy to prepare and cheap, we were able to complete this recipe with ingredients that we already had in our kitchen. Depending on the size of your choosing, this recipe can also produce a large yield, making it cost effective. Delicious, cheap, and easy, we give this recipe our approval.

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