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Poll workers carry ballots into the Carter County courthouse on election night. (Photos by Jeremy D. Wells, Journal-Times)

It was a good night for GOP candidates in Carter County, unless their name was Matt Bevin. Reflecting patterns seen across the state, the Republicans handily beat the Democrats in all other state wide races, but in the race for the governor's mansion, Andy Beshear beat out Matt Bevin with 50.43 percent of the vote, and 3,732 votes total, to Bevin's 46.51 percent and 3,442 votes. Libertarian candidate John Hicks took 227 votes for 3.07 percent of the total.

In the secretary of state race Michael Adams beat Heather French Henry 3,932 votes and 53.57 percent, to 3,408 votes and 46.43 percent.

As you went down the ballot, the GOP leads grew larger. In the attorney general race Daniel Cameron received 4,063 votes to Greg Stumbo's 3,298. For auditor Mike Harmon took 57.01 percent of the total vote, gathering 4,109 votes to Democrat Sheri Donahue's 2,865 and Libertarian Kyle Hugenberg's 234. In the state treasurer race Allison Ball took 4,334 votes, for 59.79 percent of the total ballots cast, to Michael Bowman's 2,915 and 40.21 percent.

For agriculture commissioner Ryan Quarles took 56.91 percent of the total vote, at 4,116, to Democrat Robert Conway's 2,887 and Libertarian Josh Gilpin's 230.

Turn out across the county was fairly low, with only 38 percent of registered voters showing up to the polls or casting absentee ballots, according to county clerk Mike Johnston's office, for a county wide turnout of 7,578 voters. Some of those voters didn't even bother to cast a vote for governor, with only 97.66 percent of those voters, or 7,401, bothering to cast a vote for what was arguably the most high profile race on the ballot this year.

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