With all precincts reporting, it looks like Carter County Democrats overwhelmingly supported Rocky Adkins for their party's gubernatorial candidate, while Carter County Republicans rejected sitting Governor Matt Bevin in favor of Robert Goforth. 

In the Republican primary, Bevin took 30.66% of the vote, or 527 votes, to Goforth's 1,010 votes and 58.76%. Ike Lawrence took 51 votes (2.97%) and William Woods 131 votes (7.62%). 

In the Democratic primary Rocky Adkins took an astonishing 91.2% of the vote, at 2,820 ballots case. Andy Beshear took 5.34% of the vote with 165 votes. Adam Edelen had 89 votes (2.88%) and Geoffrey Young has 18 votes (0.58%). 

In the Secretary of State race Democrat Heather French Henry took Carter County with 1,435 votes (52.99%) and in the Republican primary Carter County chose Michael G. Adams with 730 votes (47.07%). 

In the Commissioner of Agriculture race the county's Democrats went for Robert Conway, 1,769 votes and 70.65%, over Joe Trigg, 735 votes and 29.35%. Republicans chose Ryan Quarles, 1,062 votes and 68.47%, over Bill Polyniak, 489 votes and 31.53%. 

In the Attorney General race Carter Republicans chose Daniel Cameron, 884 votes and 53.25%, over Will Schroeder with 680 votes and 43.48%. 

In other Democratic primaries, Carter County voters chose Kelsey Coot as their candidate for Auditor of Public Accounts, with 37.29% of the vote and 917 total votes. Drew Curtis took 584 (23.75%), Sheri Donahue 707 (28.75%), and Chris Tobe 251 (10.21%). 

For Treasurer the county chose Michael Bowman, 1,945 votes and 79.29%, over Josh Mers, with 508 votes and 20.71%. 

Carter County's choices didn't all hold across the state, however, where Andy Beshear appeared poised to beat Rocky Adkins for the Democratic primary and Matt Bevin appears to have won his party's nomination as well. 

County Clerk Mike Johnston's office reported that the county had a 25% voter turnout for the primary elections, with 1,719 votes cast in the Republican gubernatorial primary and 3,092 votes cast in the Democratic primary for governor, and a total voter turnout of 4,867.  

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