7-31 Fall Yall

Olive Hill Chamber of Commerce members discuss ideas for It's Fall, Y'all. (Photo by Jeremy D. Wells, Journal-Times)

It may seem a little early to be thinking of fall festivals, but the Olive Hill Chamber of Commerce isn't resting on its laurels. The group had barely finished up with Homecoming before diving right back into planning for their next big community event, It's Fall, Y'all, and coming up with plans to make it even bigger and better than last year.

Popular events like the bed races, plank board races and punkin chunkin' will be back again this year, joined by newly conceived events like the zombie run. Because of a conflicting event that draws a number of their vendors, and a desire to avoid interfering with Grayson's Funtoberfest, this year's It's Fall Y'all is scheduled for October 26. It wasn't the Chamber's first choice of dates, but the proximity to Halloween did lead to some new events that they hope will prove popular, including a Halloween costume contest and a zombie run.

The costume contest will be divided by age group into preschool and kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and adult categories, with high school aged kids competing in the adult category. Instead of having a set time, which might prevent some families with young children from participating, those wishing to compete in the costume contest will be able to see a judge at any time during the day and have their photo taken for judging by the full panel of judges at the end of the event. There will also be a pet costume competition and a parade of costumes for competitors who can be available at the time of the parade and judging.

The biggest new event, though, is the zombie run. The brainchild of member Max Hammond, the zombie run will pit a group of runners, dressed in regular street clothes, against a group of chasers dressed as zombies. Runners will get a head start on the chasers before the zombie horde is let lose. Runners will attempt to make it safely to a "compound" while zombies attempt to take out as many runners as they can by snatching their numbers from their back. Think flag football meets tag, but with zombies. There will be two prizes presented for the zombie race. One prize will go to the first runner to reach the "compound" safely. The other prize will go to the zombie who collects the most "brains" from their victims.

Other details of the zombie run – including the route for the runners, any obstacles encountered along the way, and the entry fee for runners and chasers – are still to be determined. Preliminary plans, however, call for all participants to receive a "First Annual Olive Hill Zombie Run" t-shirt as part of their entry fee.

Fees for the bed races will be $25 again this year, $20 for the plankboard races, and $5 per pumpkin for the punkin chunkin' competition. There will also be a cooking, cakes, and canning competition once again, inside the Depot, with details still to be determined.

A live concert at the Trail Town Stage will follow the fall festival activities, with up and coming performer Adam Chaffins headlining, along with performances by local artists including Sasha Colette.

The Chamber is taking reservations for vendor slots, with slots with electrical hookups at $30 and $25 for a site without electricity. They've also set community sponsorship levels and amounts, with bronze at $25, silver at $50, gold at $100, and platinum at $150. Contact the Olive Hill Chamber of Commerce for more information on vendor slots or sponsorship.

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