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Wednesday's Post

Wednesday's Post
  • A proud old soldier who did it the right way

    My favorite soldier, like most other veterans, resented the anti-military, anti-American slogans and protests which divided our nation during the Vietnam years.

    October 16, 2013

  • Have you ever bumped into an old friend?

    It was a beautiful summer afternoon with blue skies, bright sunshine and temperature in the high 70’s. As I drove toward my office after a business luncheon, traffic was relatively light on the five-lane street. I noticed a vehicle slowing in the inside lane as I approached in the outside lane.

    October 9, 2013

  • A happy ending to an unhappy journey

    The young woman stood nervously on the front porch of the strange house. Her mind flashed back several weeks to the time her mother had casually commented as they drove through the neighborhood that her grandparents lived in that house on the corner.

    October 4, 2013

  • Lessons learned at church…by chance

    As country churches go, it was an impressive structure with a large steeple and a circular driveway.

    September 25, 2013

  • A tale of two neighborhoods…in living color

    This is a tale of two neighborhoods and how being neighborly can be so different, depending on where you live and what you believe.

    September 18, 2013

  • A family reunion is good heart medicine

    Families are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts. The person who originated that observation is unknown but my guess is that it came after they attended a family reunion in Kentucky.

    September 11, 2013

  • Capturing the sights and sounds of Europe It’s West Germany in September 1983 with 100,000 U.S. and NATO troops engaged in the annual REFORGER war games.

    September 4, 2013

  • Do you believe there are angels among us?

    It started simply enough. The middle-aged woman was asked to teach a Sunday school class whose members included an autistic, nine-year-old girl.

    August 28, 2013

  • A ‘dandy dozen’ wish list for Carter County

    Based on three years of observation as publisher of these newspapers and after an uplifting day of inspiring discussions at the Community Partners’ Summit two weeks ago, I offer my personal wish list for Carter County.

    August 21, 2013

  • Solving the case of Granny’s missing car

    She lived in a small town in the country. Skid marks covered the state highway for 50 yards on both sides of her driveway.

    August 14, 2013