It was well worth the wait according Peyton Brown, recent graduate at West Carter High School.

“I read something that said, ‘If you value something, you wait on it.’ I thought well ‘How much do I value baseball?’ and at the end of the day I was willing to wait. It was two weeks left until the end of summer and the phone rang. I am thankful something worked out,” said Brown.

The wait ended with the perfect opportunity to play Division I baseball with the Ohio University Bobcats.

Brown is sure that this opportunity was meant to be.

“I went on a visit and talked to their coach. That is when it really clicked for me. It seemed like a good fit. In summer ball I play outfield and that is what I am going to play in college. The coach was telling me that they were in need of an athletic outfielder and that they weren’t just getting me there to fill a spot. He thought I could potentially move up in the system fast if I worked hard and proved myself. That’s all I wanted, an opportunity,” said Brown.

Brown’s mother and number one fan, Becky Brown, is just as excited as her son about this opportunity.

“He kept believing something would work out even when we were making him do back up plans. With two weeks left in July, it’s almost crazy something did work out. He never lost faith and it seems like a really good fit,” said Becky.

Becky sat through many a baseball game to allow her son to achieve his dream.

“Brian (Peyton’s dad) always took Braden to football during the summer, so I have always had the privilege of traveling with Peyton,” said Becky.

Together the duo has traveled to 10 states and Puerto Rico to make Brown’s dreams come true. It has been his dream since T-ball to playing Division I baseball.

“It seemed like from the minute he picked up a baseball bat that was something he loved. Even when he was 3 or 4 years old, you had to pay attention because a ball might be flying at you. It was something that was in his blood,” said Peyton’s father, Brian Brown.

His unwavering belief in his ability made that dream come true.

After closing out a stellar senior season with the Comets, Brown turned to his last season with the Evansville Razorbacks.

“My coach did a great job at getting me recruited and the guys supported me through it all, as a lot of them were already committed to a college,” said Brown.

Despite two national championships with the Razorbacks, Brown’s home will always be West Carter.

“That’s what I am going to miss most. I have been with these guys my whole life. Since seventh grade we all moved up and started playing high school together. We finished with three district championships, went to a regional championship and to an All-A State tournament. I am really fortunate to grow up here in a small town. It taught me a lot and will help me carry that to Ohio,” said Brown.

During his senior season as a Comet, Brown finished among the top 25 in the state with a .500 batting average, .918 slugging percentage, and 24 stolen bases.

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