Thousands of high school athletes will email college coaches on February 5, National Email a College Coach Day, an event developed by CaptainU, a leading college recruiting software company. Athletes can take the pledge to email at least one college coach at www.Own The

February 4th is National Signing Day, the day when high school seniors sign with a college team. On February 5th, college coaches begin their search in earnest for the next recruiting class. To win the college recruiting game, athletes must take control of the process. Starting with just one email is a critical, confidence-building first step.

1.5 million high school athletes are competing for fewer than 400,000 college roster spots, and only 2% of athletes are actively recruited by college coaches. To make a college team, athletes can't rely on luck. Instead, they have to actively promote themselves to college coaches.

CaptainU builds software that makes recruiting easy. Combining cutting-edge web technology, 15-years of recruiting experience, and a proven 5-step self-marketing methodology, CaptainU provides high school athletes with a complete toolkit to manage the college recruiting process from start to finish. The company emphasizes the importance of "fit," finding a college with the right balance of academics, social life, and athletics. CaptainU was the winner of the 2008 New Venture Challenge business plan competition at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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