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February 21, 2010

The fast cash, easy money illegal drug trade

Sept. 23, 2009 — In this column I hope to bring out some truths. I want to share information I have gathered on the illegal drug trade within our county, as well as use of Bible verses as I go along.

I would say I apologize if you find this offensive – but I can’t do that. Truth is truth and that’s just who I am. This is a column on an OPINION page. Like any other opinion, it’s yours to take or reject.

For some time I have been gathering information from various sources on the fast cash, easy money operation of the illegal organized drug trade that is so prevalent in Carter County.

And, just how organized is the crime of drug dealing in our county?

Would we be surprised if we knew it all?

I have heard of prescriptions for various amounts of pills that local residents go to Florida, Ohio and some other states to fill – and then sell to all those who allow themselves to be lured into the habit and/or business.

For $200 cash and a MRI, pain clinics will write prescriptions for a varied amount of painkillers and Xanax.

Let’s do some math as we come up with some examples.

• First example:

A patient may get a monthly prescription from one doctor for 240 Roxycodone 30 mg. (eight a day). Then, for what pain clinic physicians refer to as “breakthrough pain” the patient may get a prescription for 120 Roxycodone 15mg. Next, there’s a prescription for up to 240 Xanax 2 mg (candy bars).

If we round off the retail price of the Roxycodone to $1 a pill and the Xanax to 30¢ each, we can figure an estimate of what the medicine will cost.

$240 – Roxy 30s

$120 – Roxy 15s

$72 – Xanax

$300 – doctor bill and travel

Total: $732

(The $300 is estimated for the doctor bill and trip to doctor. Most people have previously acquired MRIs through their insurance).

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