The Editor;

We Americans will celebrate just about anything-even Ground Hogs Day. And you see what happened with that, but on to the main topic. In 1910 Teddy Roosevelt made a speech about immigration in which he said there can be no dual citizens, no African Americans, no Mexican Americans, no Irish Americans, and all others who claim two loyalties. Either you are American with a common belief and customs or you are not. Now we celebrate Black History Month, why then don’t we celebrate Chinese History Month or Russian, Italian History Month? Are they not equally important? If we were to celebrate every race and culture we would have nothing but one long holiday and would have to add months to our year. America is referred to as the Great Melting Pot where all are blended into one, one nation under one God with Liberty and Justice for all and as the First Commandment says: Thou shall have no other God before me, and we should know by now other Gods do not mix well in the pot.

Earl Stewart


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