I am very glad to take the time to give my thanks to my children and companions, and my grandchildren and friends for giving me such a wonderful birthday party on December 27. Also our guest was Carl Wayne and Jeaneeta McDavid thanks so much for all the nice gifts it was a blessed evening. Cake and ice cream was served, pictures were taken. Thanks to Sarah and Joan McDavid for the flowers and the gift and also Barbara Burgess for the nice gift. It was so wonderful to have all my family together with me. They celebrate my birthday with me each year. I will never forget you. May God bless each and every one.

Mother and Friend,

Elsie McDavid

Dear Editor,

We at United Way wish to thank everyone who has made his or her annual pledge to United Way.

We set an ambitious goal of $800,000 for our drive this year and our pledges are at 90%!

Your gift will support 80 organizations and/or programs in five counties that meet needs all year long.

Contributions will go for food, shelter, clothing, education, healthcare, youth character development, victims of abuse, disaster relief, and assistance to the elderly.

When you contribute to United Way, you invest in learning and earning, families and children, basic needs and health and wellness, and you pledge your support to people right here in your neighborhood.

Donations can be made in cash, checks, VISA, and or payroll deductions with your employer. Please contact: United Way, P.O. Box 2285, Ashland, KY 41105-2285 or email or phone your pledge in to (606) 325-1810 or uway@uwnek.org.

What matters is you caring about your community.

Shelia Gilliam

Grayson Area United Way Agent


The Fiscal Court and I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and Thank you for the excellent coverage that the WGOH/WUGO radio staff does for the county of Carter.

Many residents of Carter County depend on WGOH/WUGO Radio for their local news and your staff always delivers! I cannot say enough about the excellent coverage you do on Carter County cleanup along with the local news and reports.

I think Francis Nash, general manager of WGOH/WUGO radio should be recognized for all of his hard work and effort he put forth on the book he wrote, “History of Carter County” made available to all the residents of Carter County free of charge. He has displayed a love of this county and the people who lives here. I don’t know of anyone else who would do this type of service free of charge. I think this speaks volumes about the type of person he is. There should be an award for this type of service at the state or national level.

WGOH/WUGO Radio is a valuable source of information in our county and I would like to acknowledge for “EXCELLENCE” in coverage of all the county business.


Charles Wallace

County Judge Executive


The E.C.M.S. P.T.S.A. hosted their second annual Festival of the Trees Saturday, December 1. We would like to thank all the business and individuals who either donated decorated trees or money that was used to go toward our event. It was a great success! A special thanks goes to our principal, Mrs. Wilburn, all staff, students, and parent’s volunteers for their hard work and the time that was spent making our school look like a Christmas Showcase. Thank you all for visiting and supporting the E.C.M.S. during our Festival of the Trees.

E.C.M.S. P.T.S.A.


The class of 2010 has been labeled for a long time as “the worst class to go through West Carter.” Many of the students in this class aren’t bad kids and they actually try. The students considered as the “bad eggs” think what’s the use in trying in attendance, grades, and behavior when they are still going to be put down by teachers and staff.

We understand there are a few students that choose to act up in their classes, but this does not have to ruin the reputation for the class as a whole.

This has been brought up for many years that we aren’t the best class to be taught, but we are still people and have feelings. If you look at the students as individuals you will see that there are several with 4.0’s, join many clubs, and have excellent attendance. Those students don’t want to be overlooked.

This class doesn’t want to be labeled as the worst class, but at the same time we don’t want to be perfect either. Some of our previous teachers disagree with most of the rumors surrounding our class but it still hurts many students when it is brought up.

Everyone has their ups and down’s our class just has a few more down’s then others.

We are just trying to get through high school like everyone else and prepare for our future. Hearing “The Class of 2010” be put down over and over again does not help us accomplish that. And all we want is the respect of any other class that has went through West Carter. Maybe then we can start earning the good name we know our class is capable of.

Krista Orcutt and Lance Hanshaw

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