Carter County CAReS


Join Carter County CAReS in a National Day of SERVICE............... President-elect Obama has called on Americans to participate in a National Day of Service on Monday, January 19th - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - and to support their local food banks. "Each of us, as Americans, has a responsibility to do what we can for our communities and fellow citizens. We are One Nation." -Barack Obama.

I urge each of you to get involved and share this message to your friends, pastors, congregations, women and men’s groups, schools, co-workers and family.

Carter County CAReS will begin the Kids BackPack Club this month, which will provide food to 160 children a month to help supplement their food over the week-end.

Items needed are: Vienna Sausages, Potted Meat, Canned Chicken, Easy Mac, pop-tarts, individual size cereal, jello, fruit cups, pudding, apple sauce, raisins, juice, cheese-on-cheese crackers, fruit snacks, pop-corn, flavored oatmeal and chips. **** NO PEANUT OR PEANUT OIL****

Drop off points are: Grayson Chiropractic Center, New Hope Community Church, Olive Hill, New Beginnings Celebration Center and First Church of Christ. For additional information contact Marsha McDavid @ 474-6445 or 316-1885 or Vicki Gilbert @ 474-5464. Pick up is also available; just call one of the above numbers or email us @ to make arrangements.

Churches may be closed on Mon the 19th however, you can bring your donation the following service.

Thank you in advance for being a part of the Carter County Kids BackPack Club.

Marsha McDavid


Grahn Community says thanks


As a member of the Grahn Community I would like to thank the Carter County Fiscal Court, Jailer Randy Binion, Chief Deputy Will Bailey, Lt. Gary Elkins and the following workers: Shawn Henderson, Charles Cooley, J.D. Mabry, Tony Cutwright, Bob Lowery, Jerry Cooley, Tyler Wilburn, John Blevins and Josh Spivey.

These workers, through the Carter County jail work program, did an exceptional job cleaning out the Little Sinking Creek that runs through Grahn. The brush and trees in the concrete portion and above the Rt. 182 Bridge in Grahn had not been cut in approx. six years. It was a big job to undertake and with just hand tools and chainsaws, as the undergrowth was so thick by looking at pictures you couldn’t tell it was a creek.

With help from the Grahn Community Center and Grahn Vol. Fire Department, the workers were furnished dinner. These guys need to be commended for the work they have done here and other places in Carter County.

Lonnie Sturgill


Respect the American Flag


This letter is addressed to all who attended Jan. 10th’s Monster Truck Show in Huntington.

We have taught our four-year-old son to place his hand over his heart and that men should remove their caps when saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

When my husband told me the majority of men did not remove their caps, I was compelled to write. Placing your hand over your heart is a choice, but it is not a choice to remain seated or to leave your cap on.

If your argument to me is: “This is a free country”, then you would be correct and you would be showing some simulation of common sense. It is only a free country because of the men and women who have fought and died to keep the USA this way. How dare anyone at any event NOT respect our Flag and All that is stands for. Please be my guest in moving to another country. Maybe you would prefer to lay your head on a dirt floor in a hut of a war-torn, impoverished, dictatorship country where the sounds of bombs blaring lull you to sleep with a hungry stomach.

You’re enjoying a Monster truck show while hundreds of thousands of our families, friends and neighbors are in foreign countries losing their lives so that you may have a free life and you have the audacity to show no respect to the USA by removing your hat.

Our Flag symbolizes every soldier, past, present and future. How saddened any veteran in the arena must have been to look around and know that he or she left their families and comforts of their homes to fight for you and this is the appreciation they get. Rudeness is not an attribute.

To the Veterans of the USA, I apologize for the outlandish ignorance and thoughtlessness of any American who does not shake your hand and say Thank You.

Men, you did not have three minutes to respect our Flag, but had two hours to enjoy a pile of metal trucks. Men, you set examples everywhere you go and some of you set a very poor one.

I guarantee some of you would be first in line to complain about gas prices, cigarette taxes, dry counties or the TV not working on Super Bowl weekend. I am sure I have offended many people, but thank God freedom of speech still exists.

If you would take one-half the anger you have towards me and direct it towards voting, praying for the USA and showing Patriotism, then the USA would be a better place.

In our lives, we stand tall and proud, hands over hearts to our Flag, we believe; “In God We Trust” and we thank the Lord every day he allowed us to be born in the United States of America.

Debra Gordon


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