Give them the rock! Some people in Ohio have found and retrieved an eight-ton rock from a part of the Ohio River, which is in Kentucky. The rock has a carving of a house and other human markings. Somebody in the 2008 Kentucky legislature is trying to get the rock back; the moving cost would be high. We must not have a rocky relationship with our good neighbors in Ohio; the rock dispute needs to be crushed now! The people in Ohio may want to give Kentucky some of the fine products made in Ohio.


Kenneth Wilson

Olive Hill


Time to standup for America and we’ll be doing just that on March 15, in Washington, D.C. Our patriotic group, referred to as “Eagles,” will be mustering in support of our troops and in opposition to anti-America crowd that has surrender as their goal.

March is the anniversary month of the start of the Gulf War, which represents a special protest month for anti-war rabble. It further gives them the opportunity to dishonor our troops, vandalize, as well as deface and dishonor our memorials, and generally disgrace America. When I say anti-war rabble, I’m referring to groups like A.N.S.W.E.R., CODE PINK, IVAW, CAIR, and all unpatriotic groups that laugh and taunt our freedom and yes, a lot of dissension is about the War in Iraq and Afghanistan. We cannot go back in history. We are there and to surrender would only embolden the enemy, as it did in Vietnam and hasten the destruction of America.

Our military is fighting with their lives, limbs, blood and dedication to the cause of Freedom while America is at the mall. It has been my sad experience to see the “uncaring” of the American people. To see them just stand by and watch our flag, the symbol for all that is right, being stomped and spat upon.

We all need to some together in support of our veterans, our troops, our Nation. The cause is Freedom. The out come is yours. I’ll see you in Washington, D.C. on March 15.

For further information, contact me at our e-mail address: kentucky@eaglesup.us and view our website at: eaglesup.us.

Semper Fi,

James M. Clontz, USMC [Ret] Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Iraq

Kentucky “Eagles Up” State Coordinator


Snowflakes and ice are in the air, but spring is just around the corner, which means the 10th Annual Chocolate Extravaganza will be here soon. The event is scheduled for March 15, beginning at 10 a.m. and concluding at 2 p.m. It will once again be held at the Ashland Town Center Mall.

We have had our first planning meeting and need your help with the Easter Baskets. Each year the Chocolate Extravaganza seeks donations of Easter Baskets. These baskets may be comprised of toys, candy, art supplies, or anything a child or adult would enjoy receiving. This year we will be doing a silent auction on baskets that have a value of $100.00 or more and will be pricing the remaining baskets for cash and carry. This is our best attempt bring in as much money as possible for the children served at Hope’s Place, and to recognize how much time and effort have been put into making these baskets special. If you or your organization prefer, please feel free to make a donation to Hope’s Place for the amount you would have spent creating your basket.

Hope’s Place goal is to raise as much money as possible with the Chocolate Extravaganza so that we may continue to provide the essential services so necessary to assist a child and their family when they are suffering from the horrible trauma of sexual abuse. All of the services provided by Hope’s Place are at no charge to the victim or their family. These services include medical exams, forensic interviews, counseling and advocacy services.

If you wish to contribute a basket, please wrap the basket in clear cellophane and attach a list of items that are in the basket. We also ask that you give us an estimate of the basket’s worth, so that we can price each one appropriately. Baskets should be brought to Hope’s Place the week of March 10-14. If you would prefer to send a financial gift in lieu of a basket, you may mail it to the address found at the top of this letter or bring it by our office.

We are looking forward to another year of Chocolate and fun! Please join us on March 15, and help us help the children who have been sexually abused by supporting this special event through either a donation of an Easter Basket or financial gift.


Pamela Huwieler

Executive Director

This Week's Circulars