Carter County Library


The Carter County Public Library would once again like to thank all those people involved in these final steps to open both libraries during our grand opening. Volunteer staff opportunities are still available, contact the Director (Jussie Minor) for more information.

An opening date of September 2nd has been set. Both libraries will open at 10 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. on that day. We would like to invite you down to share in this historic event and see what the library has to offer you. We look forward to seeing you then!

With Great Appreciation,

Jussie Minor

Executive Director

Carter County Public Library District

Raider Youth Football League


I would like to thank the over 300 people who were in attendance for the parade and fun day at Prichard Elementary for the Raider Youth Football League.

Thanks for all the people who came out for the event and all the volunteers who gave of their time to make this day a huge success.

Special thanks to those who operated the booths and concession stands.

Also, a special thanks to Save-a-Lot for donating food, Farmers Hardware for donating the inflatables and dunking booth, John McDavid and Gator for cooking the hamburgers, hot dogs and hot dog sauce.

A special thanks to Rudy Fest for the donation they presented to the league.


Lowell Elliott, president

Raider Youth Football League

Carter County Thunder


Held July 3rd at the Carter County Fairgrounds, Thunder 2009 was a tremendous success. The fireworks were spectacular, Taylor Made was a hit, the weather was wonderful and the size of the patriotic crowd was the largest yet. As the event coordinator, and on behalf of the innumerable patrons who enjoyed the free fireworks and concert, I once again do not know how I could ever express adequate thanks for your generosity towards this great independence celebration in our community.

I certainly hope you were able to attend Thunder 2009 at the Fairgrounds and experience the joy your support helped make possible. Please check at your leisure to see some of the fun and excitement that was captured on camera.

Carter County Thunder belongs to our community. Though I lead the coordination efforts through Carter County Thunder, Inc, 501(c) 4, this annual event is a product of our entire community. Carter County Thunder exists only through the support of your contributions, and thus I hope you feel a certain sense of ownership in this event. On our website you will find a Sources and Uses of funds summary for this years show. In keeping with our open books policy, a more detailed Thunder 2009 Audit including a complete record of all receipts can be obtained by request.

Please join me in extending special thanks to Thunder’s organizing sponsors who all played major rolls in helping make Thunder 2009 a success:

• Grayson Tourism and Convention Commission

• The Carter County Fair Board

• The Grayson Area Chamber of Commerce

• The City of Grayson and the Grayson Volunteer Fire Department

Thanks also to Platinum Level Sponsor Robin Webb!

It is exciting to look back at the evolution of Carter County Thunder over the course of the past three years, beginning in 2007 with the performance by the Bluegrass Strangers, 2008’s headlining performer George Molton, then Taylor Made in 2009. Each year has included a fireworks display which some now argue can be compared to the best in our region.

I find it even more exciting to witness a foundation beginning to take shape and the fertile environment for growth, which Thunder enjoys in our region. The community’s support and participation in Thunder, along with the organizing sponsors listed above, form the bedrock from which this foundation is being assembled. As the coordinator of Thunder, I feel that it is my responsibility, as commissioned by your sponsorship, to lead Thunder on a path into the future which will bolster the soundness of its young foundation and cultivate an even larger degree of community pride towards the project.

As I have stated many times in the past, it is my goal to conduct Thunder each year as if it were our community’s audition for something larger in the future. Our local authorities received their first tests this year with traffic control upon the exit, a medical incident near the stage during the headline performance, and the Grayson Volunteer fire department responding to an emergency call just prior to the fireworks.

Going forward I can assure you that long-term goals are in place, the cornerstones are there, my determination has never been stronger, and that which is attainable on Carter County soil is subject only to the limits of our current imaginations.

As always, I look forward to working with the community on future projects.


Lincoln Theinert, President

Carter County Thunder, Inc

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