I'm not sure where this week's column is going, but it will begin with a note to everyone who has helped me, (physically, mentally, spiritually and financially) just get by in recent weeks.

Simply saying “thank you” is not enough. I will spend my remaining days trying to “pay it forward,” as best I can.

Pool is open!

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the city pool in Olive Hill last week, and hope to continue making unannounced visits with my camera through the summer.

I basically got lucky and found the right setting on the Nikon to get a true “freeze frame” effect After at least five years of gathering leaves and debris, the pool was cleaned and repaired by city workers last year. The pool was actually ready for swimmers before summer ended, although complications prevented it from opening to the public.

I know swimming pools are expensive to maintain and rarely, if ever, generate a profit. The value of the pool in Olive Hill, however, clearly can’t be measured by the bottom line.

I’ve heard from so many people who have extremely fond memories of their time at the Olive Hill pool, and have to praise everyone who worked to provide that opportunity for another generation.

Homecoming awaits

I attended a meeting of the Olive Hill Homecoming committee last week and walked away thoroughly impressed with the group of volunteers who have been working to bring the hometown event to life again this year.

I especially appreciate the fact they have named the American flag as the grand marshal for this year’s parade.

The 2018 Homecoming actually gets underway a couple of weeks before the July 4 fireworks, starting June 15 and 16 with the Carter County Shrine Club Horse Show. The Homecoming Pageant is also an early event, starting at 1 p.m. June 24 at Carter Caves State Resort Park.

Saturday, June 30, will be a big day for Olive Hill Homecoming 2018, kicking off with a free pancake breakfast at First Christian Church of Olive Hill from 7:30 to 11 a.m. and the annual parade, celebrating the theme “You’re A Grand Old Flag” starting at 1 p.m.

We will have a complete listing of Olive Hill Homecoming events in next week’s Journal-Times.

Prichard rooster

Have you seen the little rooster which resides near the busiest intersection in Grayson?

I have been slightly fascinated by the bird for a few weeks. I first noticed it while sitting at the red light, wondering “What in the world is wrong with that woman?”

To explain, I did not initially see the little rooster but did notice a woman in the Rite-Aid parking lot doing a sort of dance between a couple of parking spaces. Only then did I realize she was trying to catch a chicken!

The little rooster was elusive, however, and the would-be chicken catcher gave up.

Since then, I have looked for the bird with every pass and discovered I’m not alone in watching out for it.

Sometimes called “The Prichard Rooster” because it has been known to hang out at the nearby elementary school, a friend has suggested we name the bird “Grayson.”

I’ve been advised that chickens don’t really need feed, as they are quite good at foraging and catching bugs. I was pleased to discover someone has been putting water out for the bird, which has been tentatively identified as a bantam or “banty” rooster. I’m not sure if a rooster can survive in the city, but it does seem to be doing quite well for itself.

I promise to keep an eye on the little guy.

Tim Preston can be reached at tpreston@journal-times.com or by telephone at (606) 4745101.

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