Everyone is celebrating the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln. This bi-centennial event resounds with various tributes nationwide. There are plays, musicals, Lincoln-Douglas debate re-enactments, Civil War offerings, statues being erected, quilts, jewelry, and programs of African American Spirituals, as well as other expressions of honoring our sixteenth president’s life.

The Olive Hill Historical Society is proposing what will be a unique paying of respect to Mr. Lincoln by sponsoring the replication of his boyhood cabin. This is a project for all ages but mainly for the youth of Carter County as a learning tool. The Historical Society is currently seeking co-partners and anyone who is interested in participating. The Carter County Homemakers have been the first in pledging funds as well as their support in what could be spinoffs of this event.

We are currently looking for sites within Carter County to house the 12’ X 17’ cabin. Ideally the structure will be in a rural setting appropriate for the time period. The erection of a replica of Mr. Lincoln’s first home will take place over the course of the summer and since it is the only Lincoln Bi-centennial project of this nature, it should be a major tourist draw.

The Historical Society hopes to tie in the creation of the cabin with other events and explorations into Lincoln’s life, which will be taking place within the schools, as well as Pioneer Life Week that is held during the later part of July at Carter Caves State Park.

Plans are currently underway for this outdoor undertaking to begin in the spring. For more information or if you would wish to volunteer time or funds, please contact the Olive Hill Historical Society at olivehillhistoricalsociety@gmail.com or call Jerri Schlenker at 606 286 6629. Please visit the website for further updates: www.olivehillhistoricalsociety.org

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