Sean Plank

Sean Plank

Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

A Morehead native has been named Kentucky Christian University’s Student Council President. Sean Plank, a senior Youth and Family Ministry major, will take the reigns of the KCU council after being a member of the council himself for three years.

“He’s a great young man…it was a natural selection by the council as he interacts well with students on campus,” Dean of Students Ron Arnett said. “He’s a leader and has the respect of faculty and staff.”

The responsibilities of the student council are to monitor the student’s needs and activities as well as organize voter registration and campus politics. Also Plank and his council will serve at the inauguration of newly elected KCU president Jeff Metcalf.

“Aside from our usual duties I would like to do activities on the weekends to encourage prospective students and the community to get involved to check it out and see what’s really going on at KCU and see how great a campus and a community that we have,” Plank said. “I feel very honored that they elected me and I hold it as a privilege.” Plank who already serves the Grayson community by starting a college ministry at Gregoryville Christian Church, wants to bring everyone together.

“One thing I intend to do is be in contact with the mayor of Grayson and fill the needs of the city of Grayson to see if there is anything we can do to serve,” Plank said. “To step up and show Jesus within the Grayson community.”

The 21-year-old Plank is a 2006 graduate of Rowan County Senior High School and the son of Billy and Brenda James of Morehead.

“He’s a multi-talented young man and will be a great ambassador of KCU,” Arnett said.

After college Plank plans to serve in fulltime ministry as a senior high or college pastor.

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