Board of Health

Carter County Board of Health members spent the majority of Monday night’s meeting adopting policies and procedures in preparation for the upcoming split from the Little Sandy District.

The Carter County Board of Health met in special session Monday night to discuss new program options and review drafts of the new department’s polices and procedures.

During the meeting, discussion lingered on the abandoned school nurse program, and the prospects of reviving it as part of the new, county-run health department.

“I think we should definitely approach the school board about it. We should get put on their next meeting’s agenda,” said Judge-Executive Mike Malone.

“Wasn’t the issue before that we couldn’t bill for Medicaid services from the school?” asked Denise Porter, a health department nurse.

None of the board members seemed to be able to recall the exact reasoning behind pulling nurses out of the schools, as many of them weren’t serving on the board at the time those decisions were made.

“I’m not sure we were told the entire story on that,” replied June Grubb, who served with the health department a number of years.

The board unanimously voted to reach out to the Carter County Board of Education and ask to be placed on the April 21 meeting agenda.

In other business, the board unanimously adopted a code of ethics, system of internal controls, employee handbook and mission, vision and core value statements for the new health department.

The flurry of activity comes as the Little Sandy District Health Department inches toward the end of its existence.

As of July 1, Carter County will independently operate its own health department for the first time since originally joining the FIVCO Area Health Department in the 1970s.

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