Olive Hill’s Fire Chief said the city did a good job while responding to calls during the massive ice storm that caused the largest power outage on record in Kentucky.

The storm left more than 700,000 electric customers in the state without power.

Fire Chief Wes Gilliam made his comments at Tuesday, Feb. 17th’s Olive Hill City Council meeting.

“I would just like to get together with the utility department and try to work on a command structure that prioritizes things in a better fashion,” he said. “It went well, I just think we could offer a little bit more to help the utility department out.”

He said in about four days’ time, his men ran 25 to 30 calls, which is a record. The fire department delivered jugs of water from Olive Hill Emergency Management, as well as food and oxygen. Gilliam’s men also cleared several trees in order for the Olive Hill Utility Department to be able to get to electric lines.

He also received a call from the state emergency management director, following the storm.

“He put us on standby to see if we could go to Western Kentucky,” Gilliam said. “They were in fear of flooding after the ice storm. That’s a pretty good pat on the back when you’re recognized out of the entire state to go and maybe help.”

Nearly 101 Kentucky counties and 75 cities declared states of emergency after the storm.

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