Crimes of theft have continued across the county in the past few weeks.

Several parcel lockers were broken into on December 26 in the Olive Hill Post Office, according to local law enforcement.

Olive Hill Police Chief Bobby Hall said the post office does not have cameras installed and no one has reported information leading to the identity of the person or persons involved.

Acting Postmaster Star Buckner said, “The US Postal Service is offering an award up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons responsible for the theft.”

Stealing mail is a federal offense. Buckner said the penalties are stiff if convicted.

“We will not be using those parcel boxes anymore,” Buckner told The Journal-Times. “Right now customers have to come to the window to pick up their packages.”

Also, anyone who is missing a package expected at the time of the theft can fill out a mail loss report at the post office, if they have not already do so. The reports are sent to the postal inspector.

Callers will be kept confidential and can contact the US Postal Inspection Service at 513-684-8000 or call the OHPD at 286-2551. B.L. Huenefeld is the US Postal Service investigator on the case.

“The trash in our trash cans in the lobby was raffled through not long ago. It happened twice,” said Buckner. “That is another reason we have discussed locking up the post office at night.”

She said Postmaster Don Ball will be back on duty this Friday and discussion may continue.

“People need to be careful about what they throw in the trash,” Buckner said. “Identity theft is a big issue now. Any mail that contains a social security number, credit card number or other personal information should not be thrown in public trash cans.”

In Grayson, the crime of theft has also been raging.

The Northeast KY Community Action Agency “GenYes” center that recently opened in Grayson, fell victim to the recent rash of break-ins Saturday night, January 6, or early Sunday morning, according to David Carroll, Executive Director for Northeast.

“It is very disappointing and disheartening of the total lack of respect by some individuals that will not allow a business or organization to better the community and in this particular case, the youth of the community,” said Carroll. “The center was designed to promote the experiences of having fun, while learning valuable life skills with the goal of becoming a productive adult, and contributing member of society.”

Items stolen from the center included a big screen television, an Xbox gaming console, and other accessories.

“At the recent open house, it was amazing how much fun the teens had with the big screen television, while they sang along with a karaoke game. And from what I was told, you would never have imagined some of the teens that sang along, doing so in a social environment,” Carroll explained. “This is really forcing us to take a hard look at how to proceed from here. You read so much about how the teens in our community need something to do. Then, the effort is made to improve this situation and one or more individuals fell compelled to ruin any progress made toward this goal.”

The identity of the thieves was still unknown on Tuesday. Any information should be given to the Grayson Police Department.

The Grayson City Council recently approved returning to the FADE Drug Enforcement program, and assigned Officer Roy Ison to the job. The council also approved the hiring of two new police officers for the city.

Grayson Police Chief Keith Hill also reported a $10,000 Homeland Security Grant has been secured to purchase computers for their police cruisers.

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