Grayson City Council told Mike Akers, owner of Horton Brothers and Brown Pharmacy, and his partner, Chris Bond, it would do its best to assist with a project to relocate the store across the street during a special meeting of the Council Monday.

The store is Grayson’s oldest business, opened in 1886, and Akers said it is time to “modernize” the pharmacy with new infrastructure and better accessibility for patrons by installing a drive-through window.

Akers and Bond visited the council meeting to discuss the possibility of widening one of the streets adjacent to the property to help ease the traffic flow of commercial vehicles into the city.

According to the deed, Horton Brothers and Brown Pharmacy, LLC, bought a 2.094 acre plot of land on Main Street from Mary and Jack Jungers, Jane Horton and Henry R. Wilhoit, and Ruth and Jerry Thornsberry for $275,000 on May 1.

Bond told the Council they plan to begin construction of the new pharmacy this month and complete the project by Christmas.

The biggest concern of the Council and the business partners was widening the street next to the merchant parking lot into two lanes.

Council member Jack Harper and Mayor George Steele confirmed that money allotted for blacktopping projects for the 2014-15 budget already has been expended.

Steele explained because of busy scheduling for paving contractors, city projects usually have to wait in line a few months but this year an early opening in June allowed the city an early start.

If the city were to give money to Akers for paving purposes, the budget would have to be reconfigured.

While the Council had no immediate solution to how they could help with the Horton and Brown Pharmacy renovations, Steele said the city will further discuss the issue with City Attorney Reid Glass.

This would give them time to research what help they could legally give the business in regard to paving, as well as possibly building entrance steps to the store that would be part of city property.

“Developing this area will be a big boost to Main Street and we want to keep our city vibrant,” Steele said.

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