Development is underway of two new parks on land recently acquired by the City of Grayson.

The city has installed a walking track on a five-acre section of land donated last year by David McDavid.

The track is four-tenths of a mile long and is situated on the banks of the Little Sandy River, just off River Road.

The surface of the track is currently comprised of a mixture of sand, gravel and concrete that will remain in place for a year before being covered with blacktop.

There are plans for additional features at the walking track area as well.

“We plan on building a large picnic shelter and installing playground equipment near the track. There will also be a fenced-in dog park on the property,” said Mayor George Steele.

The city is also beginning to plan for use of a 34-acre section of land adjacent to the county jail.

Carter Fiscal Court recently agreed to sell the land to the city. Steele says the city will waste no time in getting the area ready for public use.

“The first thing we will do as soon as we are able is to get all of the area mowed down so we can see what we have to work with,” the mayor said.

The Recreation Alliance is in the early stages of drafting long-range plans for an expansive park on the land but such a task will likely be implemented in stages.

“We were able to get the walking track in place pretty quickly but I would ask that the public be a little more patient with us on this larger property,” said Steele.

The new walking track is currently open to the public from daylight to dusk.

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