Nearly three dozen well-armed combatants took aim and fired countless rounds during a recent “Nerf Battle” inside the Grayson Fire Department.

Assistant Fire Chief Kyle Morgan said the battle was born after he and his own kids found a bargain on Nerf ammo and inflatable “bunkers” at Walmart. All of the fire department’s kids, and adults alike, are well familiar with Nerf guns, Morgan noted with a chuckle.

“It was just to have a good time with the kids. It was a cold day. It was a nasty day,” Morgan said, adding participants split into adult and children’s teams and played battle games including “Capture the Flag.”

Among the 35 or so contestants were a half dozen members who took up the public invitation to run and gun, Morgan said.

“That was six people we had never met before,” he said, explaining the department is always looking for ways to provide healthy activities and ways for kids to spend time with parents in the fire department environment.

Spectator and photographer Darla Renae reported, “It was so much fun to watch. I actually had two in there - my fiancé James Clark, who is a recruit for the fire department, and my son, Gavin Bond, who is wanting to join the junior program when he is old enough.

“It was so fun watching how the adults and kids played together and so many laughs as they battled it out. Kyle made everyone feel very welcome and tried to make sure all the kids had a blast.

“My daughters and I enjoyed watching as Chase Felty and Matt Jones worked together to dominate and we laughed as Tony Collier single handedly won a round with his bow and arrow.”

Due to public demand, Morgan said plans for the next round of Nerf battles will be announced soon.

“I bet I have had 10 messages and texts asking ‘When are we going to play again?’ Maybe next week.”

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