The very mention of pineapple not only prepares my taste buds for its sweet and tart flavor but piques my interest of the possibilities in which it can be used.

Pineapples, perhaps not the first idea for flavor in a dish, are surprisingly found in a lot of different recipes. Although,one may immediately think of a dish that has a sweet flavor, that is not necessarily the case. The recipe this week will bring that fact to the forefront.

The holidays are here, and as such, we always enjoy bringing recipes that are associated with them. When think of it, I never eat a cheeseball unless it is some sort of special occasion.

My cousin Cindy famously prepares cheeseballs for those occasions. If you are lucky enough to enjoy them before they are devoured, then you understand why they are famous. When looking through the church cookbooks this week, we were intrigued by this recipe for a cheese ball that includes pineapple. We immediately thought of Cindy.

It always amazes me how the creators of recipes such as this can meticulously combine totally unrelated ingredients to form a flavor package that blends so well. I believe that this is a talent. Since I am not skilled in this area, cookbooks have been a wonderful lesson for me. This recipe is no exception.

With this recipe for Pineapple Cream Ball by Judy Whitehead from the First Baptist Church of Grayson Cookbook, you will be well on your way to creating a flavorful and delicious dish.

To complete this you will need following ingredients:

Two 8-oz. pkgs. cream cheese

One medium can crushed pineapple (well drained, blot on paper towel)

1 C. chopped pecans (reserve half to coat cheese ball)

1 tsp. grated onion, fine

You will mix all the ingredients together. Shape into a ball (works better if this is chilled). Coat with the remaining pecans. You will chill this overnight. It is suggested that you serve this with graham crackers.

If you analyze the ingredient list, you will notice some interesting combinations. Pineapple and onions? I know it sounds odd, but believe me, this works.

Cheese ball is an interesting dish. Not only can it be customized in numerous ways, it is easy to prepare. Before knowing the magic behind the cheese ball, it would easy to assume this would be a difficult dish to prepare. Again, this is just another reason why writing the church cookbook series has been so educational.

The ingredient list is short, and the costs are minimal.You can also customize your amounts. We knew that we would not need a cheeseball of this size, so we cut the ingredients in half. Even so, there was plenty left, and we will be to enjoy this for a few days.

We associate cheese balls with special events, but this is so easy, you can prepare it anytime. However, with the holidays coming up, perhaps this would be the perfect time to share this fantastic recipe.

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