Representatives of various regional non-profit and professional growth networks gathered at the Grayson Gallery and Art Center last Wednesday to celebrate the center's receipt of a Central Appalachia Network (CAN) grant for development of a Carter County Culture Hub. CAN will provide the gallery with technical assistance, training, and consultations to help establish a successful collaborative culture hub for the county.

Betsy Whaley with CAN partner Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED) explained that CAN was an organization of 'non-profit groups working on economic development in Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia and sponsor working groups to work on regional issues like developing local food systems and food access, energy projects and programs and creative place making.'

In addition to the Grayson Gallery and Art Center, CAN representatives also met with the Galaxy Project and Smokey Valley Horse Farm in Olive Hill.

'There is great work happening in both Olive Hill and Grayson,' Whaley said.

(Photos by Tim Preston)

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