Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

February 20, 2013

Bates' Crazy Eight

By MacKenzie Bates - Sports Editor

Feb. 20, 2013 — Boys:

1. Fleming County (24-6)

2. Russell (24-7)

3. Ashland (20-9)

4. Boyd County (20-10)

5. Morgan County (21-7)

6. Rowan County (17-12)

7. Lewis County (14-13)

8. Elliott County (13-14)

The beauty of this week is that the postseason makes everyone 0-0. But I can’t mistake the fact that Russell swept Ashland in the regular season and can go into the postseason winning 14 of their last 16. Fleming, Russell and Morgan County have all punched their ticket to the 16th Region Tournament with victories on Monday night.

Rowan County won three games last week including a 113-110 double overtime victory over Augusta. The district tournaments will be fun to watch.


1. Ashland (21-6)

2. Boyd County 24-7)

3. East Carter (22-7)

4. Lewis County (16-11)

5. Fleming County (17-10)

6. Menifee County (13-10)

7. Bath County (15-10)

8. Rowan County (14-13)

Well, it seems the 61st District tournament is going to be a lot of fun with all four teams in the Crazy 8’s.

Rowan faces off with Bath while Fleming clashes with Menifee.

East Carter takes a tumble after falling to Ashland and Boyd County. Both take the top spots in this week’s rankings. Ashland, Boyd and Russell also secured their spots in the 16th Region Tournaments with victories on Monday.

Fleming County is one of the hottest teams in the 16th Region right now with only two losses since Jan. 21.

Good luck to every team as they play in their respective district tournaments!