Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

December 5, 2012

Huddle heroics: Raiders take down Breathitt County with buzzer beater

By Corbin Marshall

Dec. 5, 2012 —     After pulling a rabbit out of the hat in Thursday’s home opener against Elliott County, the East Carter Raiders scored a hard-earned 53-52 win against Breathitt County Saturday in the first round of this year’s annual EKC basketball tournament.

    At the opening of the first period, it seemed as though Breathitt would be walking away with a victory, but the Raiders pressed hard and were able to eliminate the point gap. 

    In what would not be the seniors’ first heroics of the night, Raider guard Quinn Huddle ended the first period with a buzzer beater, ending the period at 10-3, with Breathitt still on top.

     East Carter rallied in the second period to outscore Breathitt with a 10-3 run. The first half ended with the Raiders up 23-19.

    Bradley Marsh nailed a three-pointer and one from the stripe in the final seconds of the third period. Breathitt continued to multiply their foul count, ultimately leading to their defeat. 

    Another three-point shot from Huddle in the third period ended the first 24 minutes with the game deadlocked at 33.  Cole Brammer opened up the fourth period with a three that would be answered by another three on Breathitt’s end.

    As the struggle to pull away turned into a struggle to stay on top, the clock was nearing its final seconds. Huddle put up another huge three to give the Raiders a 51-50 lead. Breathitt answered with a two-pointer, putting them ahead with only 12 seconds to go. 

    In a flurry of defensive pressure, Huddle put up a jumper with 2.2 seconds left in regulation, gracing the bottom of the net to give East Carter the lead. A final failed attempt at a three by Breathitt ended the game with a 53-52 East Carter victory.

    “Taking the last shot is great and I’m glad my team trusts me to take it,” Huddle said. “None of us cared who took the shot, it just landed in my hands.”

    With the Raiders now at 2-0, Huddle is happy to see this season get off to a solid start.

    “It’s very good to start 2-0,” Huddle said. “Not only for the two wins, but momentum for the season. Being a senior-oriented team, this is something we know.”

    After the win, East Carter played in the second round of the EKC tournament in Morgan County against Russell Tuesday after press time.

    The Journal-Times will have more on the Raiders quest for an EKC title in next week’s edition.