Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

September 4, 2013

Fiscal Court approves home incarceration agreement

By Joe Lewis - Staff Writer

Sept. 4, 2013 — Carter Fiscal Court met in special session Friday morning to consider a proposal from BWH Security – an Ashland company that provides home incarceration services.

“We will take care of the drug testing, perform weekly home searches and take on the responsibility of transporting the inmate from the detention center to home,” said Scott Ball, CEO of BWH Security.

Currently, the county incurs costs of $35 a day for each county inmate lodged in the detention center. For home incarceration inmates, however, monitoring bracelets will cost the county only $5 per day and the released inmate will pick up the remainder of the cost, $25 per week.

With the cost difference, the county stands to save $10,950 a year per inmate through the program.

After discussing the cost savings, the Fiscal Court unanimously voted to approve a contract with the company.

Details regarding the firm's arrest powers and working relationships with local judges and the sheriff's department are still being negotiated.

“This is really a win-win for the county. We can move out some of these county prisoners and fill the beds with federal inmates who bring in more money,” said Judge-Executive Charles Wallace.

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