Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

September 18, 2013

Jonathan Maynard: a profile in pediatric care

By Leeann Akers - Editor

Sept. 18, 2013 — For the first time in a very long time, Carter County has a pediatrician.

Dr. Jonathan Maynard is a Martin County native and a graduate of Marshall University and the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.

Most of all, he understands the need for specialized care in Eastern Kentucky.

Maynard did his residency in North Carolina and quickly discovered a passion for pediatric care.

“Pediatrics was the one thing I woke up every morning happy to do in med school,” Maynard said. “Pediatrics is fun and makes me happy.”

Out of residency, Maynard was recruited to work for Kings’ Daughters Medical Center. He worked at the Cedar Knoll facility and then opened a clinic in Flatwoods for a brief period.

Maynard said he kept seeing children from Carter County and realized there was a need in this area.

“I wanted to give people the same level of care they would get in the bigger cities without having to drive that far,” Maynard said. “It is easier for me to drive to Grayson than it is for my patients to take a day off work to drive a half-hour each way just for a cold or allergies. That's frustrating for parents. I would rather be right in their back yard.”

As a result, he established Grayson Pediatrics in the KDMC clinic near Kentucky Christian University. The family care physician on site was able to hand over his younger clients.

“They are swamped with patients so I already have a good established patient load,” Maynard said. “I had a small number of patients in this area that have followed me here but there are already some working with family care and we are accepting new patients as well.”

Maynard says working with children is more of a challenge because they can't always explain what is wrong.

“Kids don't lie about their health. They don't smoke or drink or do things that are going to be harmful. When a child is sick, you really want to take care of them,” Maynard said.

He hopes that the residents of Carter County will bring their children to his office instead of continuing to travel out of town.

“I grew up in Eastern Kentucky so I know how easy it is to keep with tradition,” Maynard said. “I do everything from well child visits to allergy injections. But now parents can take care of that without driving all of the way to Ashland.”

One of the things that makes pediatrics unique, Maynard explained, is treating newborns up to college students.

He enjoys newborn care the most because it allows him to see rapid change in a relatively short amount of time.

“I have had a lot more experience in treating behavioral disorders than I expected to because that is another specialty that is not close by,” Maynard said. “For a long time I was the only one taking new ADHD patients. When you see a child with ADHD who goes from failing in school to getting A’s and B’s, you are really rewarded.”

He commutes from Ashland each day and says being back in Eastern Kentucky is a blessing.

“It's good to be home and I am happy to bring a service to people who need it and didn't have it otherwise,” he said.

Grayson Pediatrics is located at 609 No. Carol Malone Blvd. For more information, call 474-7892.

Leeann Akers can be reached at or by phone at 474-5101.