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October 17, 2012

Olive Hill audits reveal history of utility fund misuse


Oct. 17, 2012 —

At the time, James indicated that she was unsure whether or not a city could specifically request an audit from the state.

In a recent telephone interview, however, Communications Director for the State Auditor Stephenie Steitzer informed the Journal-Times that such requests can be made. 

“Cities do have the ability to request that the state conduct their regular annual audit. We look at these requests on a case-by-case basis to determine whether we can perform the audit ourselves, or if we refer the case to a third party,” Steitzer said.

Regarding Council’s request, Steitzer indicated that the auditor’s office had been made aware that a request for an audit would be forthcoming from the city, but has yet to receive any official documentation to that end.

Steitzer also stated that any in the community has the ability to request a special examination by the auditor, and that citizens with concerns or persons with any information of potential wrongdoing are encouraged to use the “Safe House” feature of the State Auditor’s website to report such matters.

This feature is completely anonymous and allows individuals to submit complaints, along with any supporting documents, to the auditor’s office for review.

“We take all allegations of waste and fraud very seriously,” Steitzer added.

The Safe House, along with a copy of the 2000 special examination, can be found online at
Joe Lewis can be reached at or by telephone at 286-4201.

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