Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

March 20, 2013

Murder, DUI charges dropped against Offill

By Joe Lewis - Staff Writer

March 20, 2013 —       Murder and driving under the influence charges were dismissed last Wednesday without prejudice against Randall Offill, 31, of Olive Hill, in the death last year of Jeremy Dixon.

       Offill and Dixon were involved a single vehicle collision on KY 174 in January 2012.  Offill was alleged to be driving under the influence when the wreck occurred.

       Dixon was dead on arrival at St. Claire Regional Medical Center in Morehead following the crash.

       Though the charges against Offill are technically dismissed, Commonwealth’s Attorney Brandon Ison pointed out this is not his last word on the matter.

       “This isn't going anywhere,” Ison said. “This is a serious charge and we are going to reopen the investigation to get all the information we need to move forward with the case. We just weren't quite ready to go to trial.”

       By dismissing the charge without prejudice, the state reserves the right to collect additional evidence and present findings to a grand jury which potentially could indict Offill once again on an array of charges ranging from reckless homicide to murder.

       Offill's attorney, Michael Fox, expressed his thoughts on the proceedings in a post-hearing interview.

       “It was proper for this case to be dismissed, because there is no evidence that a crime was committed,” said Fox. “Just because a man died in a traffic accident doesn't mean that someone else needs to be prosecuted.”

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