Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

May 1, 2013

Williams resigns from Olive Hill City Council

By Joe Lewis - Staff Writer

May 1, 2013 —        The Journal-Times has learned that Olive Hill City Council member Tony Williams has submitted a letter of resignation.

       In a telephone interview Wednesday, Williams explained why he chose to give up his Council seat.

       “It’s been a very tough year. I’ve had death in the family, my home burned, and the job market in Eastern Kentucky has all but dried up, forcing me to look for work elsewhere. For this reasons, I felt that resigning was the right thing to do,” Williams said.

       Williams was appointed last December to fill the seat of longtime Council member Kenny Fankell, who himself was appointed to fill the office of mayor following the resignation of Danny Sparks.

       After his appointment, however, Williams had not attended any Council meetings due to temporarily living and working in Bowling Green.

       His resignation comes just two weeks after Council member Angie Johnson Fultz announced she would be stepping down as a result of her recent marriage and relocation to Sandy Hook.

       Fultz’s resignation is not official until May 15, and the effective date for Williams’ resignation is currently unknown.

       With now two vacancies to fill, the remaining Council members have a tight window in which to fill the seats.       

       Council has 30 days from the date the resignations become effective to appoint replacements.

       If no action is taken, Gov. Steve Beshear will choose the new Council members.

       Mayor Kenny Fankell said he didn’t receive the resignation letter until Tuesday afternoon. However, he was out of the office on Monday.

       “Tony and I served together many years on the Council. He’s a great guy and always worked hard for the best interests of the town,” said Fankell.

       The mayor said the Council will need to vote at the regular meeting on May 21 to formally accept both resignations.