Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

November 14, 2012

Wet-dry vote in Grayson set for Jan. 15

By Mackenzie Bates - Staff Writer

Nov. 14, 2012 — A petition for a wet-dry vote in one Grayson precinct had to be re-submitted this week with a new date.

The first petition called for a vote on Jan. 12, which falls on a Saturday. Kentucky law prohibits an election on a weekend day.

Keith Bays submitted both petitions and said the second, with 92 signatures, had more than double the first. Bays submitted the signatures to the Carter County Clerk’s Office on Tuesday.

“I have talked to about 100 people, and 92 of them signed the petition, so they’re in favor of it,” Bays said.

The vote will be in the North Midland Trail Precinct, which is parallel to Carol Malone Boulevard. It encompasses a large, flat area of land near the eastbound lanes of Interstate 64 that has been open to development for a number of years.

Bays said there is very little opposition to the petition and is confident the voters will pass it in January.

“Everybody wants to boost the economy here,” Bays said. “We have the same restaurants here and same type of businesses in cities like Cannonsburg, Ashland, Morehead… they just want Grayson to grow.”

Bays wants to help impact the economy in Grayson and keep tax dollars in Carter County. Bays said people go to Ashland from Grayson and to Morehead from Olive Hill to buy alcohol. The only place in Carter County that allows the sale and distribution of alcohol is the Rock Springs Winery near Carter City.

“I don’t think those restaurants are causing problems in those communities as far as an Applebee’s or a Texas Roadhouse,” Bays said. “I don’t hear anyone talking about those restaurants being a bad influence in the community. If we get the same type of restaurants in Grayson… it’s only going to help.”

As the Journal Times reported last week, the signatures on the petition must still be verified by the clerk’s office. Bays said 33 signatures must be verified as belonging to registered voters in order to force a wet-dry referendum.

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