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December 4, 2013

Coleman book a good lesson, a good read

A book review

Dec. 4, 2013 — A love story…a travelogue…a humorous account of a city girl turned cowgirl…a tale of danger in the wilderness…

It’s hard to fit the newly-published book by Jane Pastore Coleman, “Life is All About Range”, into a single category. In fact, it falls into many.

It’s also hard to put the book down without finishing its 107 delightful pages.

Coleman will be signing copies of her book this Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Lewis Caveland Lodge at Carter Caves State Resort Park.



By Jane Pastore Coleman

107 ppg., Lulu Publishing

About $20 in paperback


The full title of the book from Lulu Publishing is “Life is All About Range: How to Replace Your Fears with Knowledge and Skills”.

It is available online at and and at other booksellers, both in print and digital e-book format.

The title sounds like a do-it-yourself makeover manual but, instead, Jane Coleman provides a warm, entertaining chronicle of how she fell in love with Olive Hill native Bob Coleman, a scientist turned bio-tech entrepreneur and a cowboy at heart.

A shorter description might be the process by which a sophisticated woman executive in her own right trades her high fashion stiletto heels for a pair of cowboy boots and a new last name.

Although not formally trained as a writer, her text flows easily and naturally from one adventure to another as she skillfully narrates the blending of very different lifestyles and backgrounds of two strong-minded individuals.

Local residents will appreciate her vivid descriptions and reverence for the customs and beauty of the area of Smokey Valley Farm and her obvious regard for the friends and family who have shared their trail rides.

The couple’s horseback travels through various western locales are described in rich detail and the reader will marvel at how far she has gone beyond her personal comfort zone.

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