Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

September 18, 2013

Making the best of it

Local teens do something positive for their community

By Crystal J. Damron

Sept. 18, 2013 — September 11 will always be a day when citizens stop and remember exactly where they were when they heard the terrifying news that America was under attack on that 2001 day.

West Carter High School Y club president Alexandria Knipp wanted to put a positive spin on the day. She enlisted the help of the Y club as well as WCHS's Beta club and hit the streets.

“We like to do things to honor national days of service. Last year we put in over 1200 hours of community service as a group in a school year. We knew we wanted to thank our service men and women so we delivered cookies to them,” says Knipp.

The groups were able to gather over thirty volunteers to visit local first responders, fire department, police and EMT, with cookies and thank you cards in honor of the day.

Knipp then enlisted the help of Angie Fultz for other ideas of projects the clubs could do.

After the cookies were delivered the group was broken up into three groups, one was assigned the Depot on Railroad street, and the remaining two were sent to local widows homes on Democrat Hill and Mill Street. They washed the homes and completed other outdoor work that the ladies so desperately needed.

“I have never seen youth attack projects like this with so much passion, compassion, and initiative,” Fultz said. “None of them complained, they all worked every minute, cooperated together, carried positive attitudes, and remained focused throughout.”

Fultz went on to say, “They are ready to take this fire back to their schools and encourage other clubs and organizations to become community active and be a positive impact to someone!”

“We love to serve our community so if there is anyone out there that needs anything done just let us know,” said Knipp.

To reach the Y club you can contact West Carter High School.

Crystal Damron can be reached at or by phone at 474-5101.