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January 16, 2013

Judge, magistrate, launch attacks at Fiscal Court meeting

Jan. 16, 2013 — Carter Judge-Executive Charles Wallace and Magistrate Clifford Roe came out swinging, often in an adversarial tone, at Tuesday’s meeting of Carter Fiscal Court.

At the meeting’s outset, Roe heavily criticized Ashland Daily Independent reporter Tim Preston for a Dec. 19 article containing allegations by Carter Jailer R.W. Boggs that Roe had verbally abused a member of the U.S. Marshal’s Service during a telephone conversation.

“He wrote a slurry and slanderous article about me in the paper. There has been no proof that I have cussed anyone. In fact, the judge has called Washington to check this out,” Roe said.

“I talked to the deputy director of the Marshal’s Service and he said that Mr. Roe did not say anything out of the way,” Judge Wallace responded.

Due to illness, Preston was unable to attend the meeting and respond to the allegations of inaccurate reporting.

When Boggs attempted to speak in defense of his own comments in the article, Wallace and Roe quickly became angry, cutting off his statements and accusing him of intentionally trying to disrupt the meeting.

Throwing more fuel onto the fire, Roe then read a letter from what he claimed was an anonymous party that was very critical of the jailer.

The letter made references to the Boggs’ ability to manage the jail budget and went so far as to include information concerning the jailer’s personal business.

“On what grounds does a man stand and read an anonymous letter that is unsigned, that libels any individual in this county? This is ridiculous!” said Roger Whitehead in response to Roe’s comments.

“Mr. Boggs’s personal life does not need to be brought up in front of this court or this county. There’s no sense in it. I’m not taking sides for anybody but we need to stop this garbage and get back to the public’s business,” added former magistrate Millard Cordell.

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