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February 26, 2014

Olive Hill Council, mayor spar over utility profits


Feb. 26, 2014 —

The mayor and Council spent nearly 90 minutes debating the matter.

Fankell warned that he would be forced to lay off an employee from the street department if money isn’t transferred into the general fund.

“How are you going to explain to a man who’s worked here for 15 years that he no longer has a job,” said city employee Justin Dixon.

“We were forced to cut the budget when we didn’t really want to. For once, Olive Hill has caught a break with this influx of money, but we can’t seem to get anything done with it,” said Council member Jerry Callihan. “Once again we have managed to turn something that should have been easy to figure out into a three-ring circus.”

Meade held firm to his position, however, warning that continued neglect of the utility infrastructure eventually would have disastrous consequences.

“In the end, I’ll be proven right,” he said.

Faced with the possibility of laying off an employee, it was Hicks who budged when the motion to approve the budget amendment was put forth a second time.

“I don’t want anyone to lose their job. I know what that’s like,” he said.

“Without our city workers, we wouldn’t even have a city,” said Callihan.

Late last week, however, Meade sent an email to Fankell calling the procedure into question.

“The budget ordinance passed last Tuesday night is null and void due to the fact that it was passed outside the emergency procedure outlined under KRS 83A.060(7) requiring that an emergency ordinance must set forth the general nature of the emergency,” said Meade in the email.

In response, Fankell called a special meeting on Monday night to conduct a second reading of the ordinance but that meeting failed to materialize due to lack of a quorum as Meade, Tackett and Hicks did not attend.

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