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August 7, 2013

After TV show, Grayson family still has ‘uninvited guests’

Aug. 7, 2013 — After last week’s premiere of A&E’s “American Haunting” television show, the McGlone family of Grayson realized a lot of their story was left on the editing room floor.

Michael, Michelle, Quinton, and Bella McGlone were featured in the show about supernatural haunting.

“When we first started taping, our story was going to be told in four one-hour episodes,” Michelle told the Journal-Times. “Sadly, that got cut down to one hour and a lot of information was left out.”

Michael and Michelle are East Carter High School graduates. Over the last eight years, their dream home has been a nightmare.

“We have seen shadow people, heard growling, scratching and footsteps that we can’t explain,” Michelle said. “Locked doors open in the middle of the night, and cabinets open and close on their own.”

When a paranormal team contacted them about the show, the family was reluctant to be part of it.

However, A&E promised they would do everything they could to help rid the family of their issues.

“When we tried to find help, out of fear or lack of knowledge, or just not believing, no one could help us,” Michelle said. “We had nowhere to turn, so when A&E promised us to bring people from all over the world to help rid the family of the problem, how could we say no?”

The main entity that was addressed in the show, Alex, is no longer a problem for the family. Sadly, the McGlones didn’t think A&E got it quite right with the limited explanation.

“It is so sad that they edited the other three hours away,” Michelle said. “Alex was no more someone from the community than it was me, Quinton or Bella. This thing was a mimic and it appeared as whatever it wanted to be”

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