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May 28, 2010

McDavid vs Brammell for Carter Co. Sheriff

May 26, 2010 — Come November, Republican Kevin “Mooch” McDavid will face-off against Democrat Casey Brammell in a battle for the Carter County Sheriff’s badge.

It could be a showdown when the two attempt to persuade the public that he is the best man for the job.

McDavid was challenged by Republican John Jenkins in the primary, but won by a landslide with 1,378 to Jenkin’s 627 votes.

Brammell's challengers were Lester Bailey and Olive Hill Police Chief Bobby Hall. Brammell won the race with 1,486 votes to Hall’s 1,326 and Bailey’s 855.

Each candidate for sheriff was given a list of the same questions to answer. Below are the answers as they were returned to the Journal-Times.

1. How do you feel about your nomination as the Republican/Democrat candidate for the sheriff’s position?

McDavid: It is always an honor to have the citizens of Carter County place that kind of trust in you. I am excited and ready to move forward and to continue moving the Sheriff's Department forward.

Brammell: It was a good clean race. I am glad that the citizens of Carter County have the faith in me to make a difference in Carter County.   

2. What do you think helped you secure enough votes to win?

McDavid: Hard work and dedication in bringing the Sheriff's Department into the 21st century along with running an open and honest Sheriff's Department.

Brammell: Hard Work, Integrity, and the people believing in me.

3. Will background checks be done on anyone hired by the sheriff’s department?

McDavid: Yes. Background checks have been done on the employees of the Sheriff's Department and will continue to be done. Those background checks along with the POPS (Police Officer Professional Standards) requirements are a tool used in hiring qualified personnel.

Brammell: Yes there should always be a process in hiring anyone that will be serving and protecting the citizens of Carter County.

4. With prescription drugs being a huge problem in the county, what do you think can be done to curve, or better yet stop, the epidemic?

McDavid: Without question, prescription drug abuse is the number one problem facing our county and our nation today. On the local level, we need to make sure our drug dealers are aware that we are after them at all times. Being the first Sheriff's Department to become a member of the FIVCO Fade Drug Task Force in 1999, we have worked hard in making arrests in our county and the FIVCO area, over 200 arrests in the last four to five years alone. With every arrest made, we are one step closer to curving this epidemic. Make no mistake this is a problem of great epidemic proportions and we need help from the top down. The Federal Government and the State Government need to help our local law enforcement. We have major problems with doctor shopping, traveling to Florida, Ohio and other areas and stopping the pill mill doctors would be the number one issue. I could speak all day on this issue but let me just sum up. 1) Stop the pill mill doctors, 2) Keep arresting our local drug dealers, and 3) Work on strong prosecution.

Brammell: There will not be a quick resolution to the drugs. Yes, the doctors and pain clinics need to be dealt with, but there are not any in Carter County. One pain clinic tried to obtain a business license, but the City of Grayson put a stop to it. My department will be in the schools starting in the four-year-old program and up. This will allow children to see that we are here for them and to help however we can. We need to start educating our children on drug abuse while they are at an impressionable age and to be competent to be able to answer any questions that we can.

5. What law enforcement training do you have?

McDavid: I am a graduate of the Department of Criminal Justice Training Basic Law Science in Richmond. I have 22 years of Law Enforcement experience and various in-service hours of continued education.

Brammell: I have worked with Grayson Police Department since March 2005. I attended Department of Criminal Justice Training for 16 weeks and have had 40 hours of In-service every year. Totaling 760 hours of training.

6. Are there any improvements needed within the sheriff’s department?

McDavid: The Sheriff's Department always needs more equipment but the number one improvement would be to hire more deputies on the road. As of now, we have five road deputies for the entire county, which without question is no where close to enough. Sheriff's Departments are unlike other agencies in that we also are charged with the service of process papers, transporter of prisoners, court security, and other duties along with answering 9-1-1 calls.

Brammell: I will utilize the Constables to serve papers so the deputies will be freed up to respond to dispatched calls and work on cases. To be able to return stolen property to the rightful owner and to work drug cases. I will be going to Fiscal Court and the Judge Executive to request more deputies and more equipment to take care of the needs for the people of Carter County.

7. How do you feel about neighborhood watch programs?

McDavid: I firmly agree with these programs. The more eyes law enforcement has the better off we are.

Brammell: I believe you can gain a wealth of knowledge from Neighborhood Watch Programs.

8. How do you feel about home confinement for criminals charged with misdemeanors?”

McDavid: I think it goes by the charge of what the misdemeanor is. I know our counties try to save money on home confinement but we must always make sure that the victims' safety and welfare comes first. There is a difference in criminal trespass 2nd and assault.

Brammell: I believe with today’s economy, home confinement is a good thing for 1st offense convictions.

9. If one of your immediate family members broke the law would you arrest them?

McDavid: Yes, and have done so.


10. Would you be willing to undergo random drug testing and also drug test your deputies?

McDavid: Yes. Leadership by example.

Brammell: Yes


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