Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

June 5, 2013

Crickets in the high school: lessons learned


June 5, 2013 — The editor:

For any young person, part of growing up involves the eventual realization that:

1) the world isn't just unfair, it is often irrational and vindictive.

2) bureaucracies are chock-full of small minds, resentful of their sad position in life.

3) you will often be punished for spirit, humor, and an unorthodox approach; get used to it.

4) adults are not always smarter and more experienced than you; most of them are just older, and  have occupied themselves by sitting around, breathing through their mouths, and watching Jersey Shore.

To the East Carter Senior Class: Please don't let these people change you.  Accept that the small minds exist, but do not become one of them.

And to the administration: Congratulations! You have taught your students Lessons 1-4 (above) very effectively! Give yourselves an "A".

Glenn Chave

Age 46

of  Charleston, SC and  Somerset, KY