Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

May 22, 2013

Research is helpful for wet/dry decision


May 22, 2013 — The editor:

I've had good conversations with those on both sides of the wet/dry issue including pastors and most agree this issue is not about religion except on an individual level. Of course if someone bases all their daily decisions on whomever or whatever they may worship that will also come into play when they vote on this issue regardless of the side they vote for.

I think people have a right to base their decision on whatever they choose. During my decision to submit this petition and since I have looked at every possible angle, researched what it has done in other towns for the economies and quality of life, and even personally spent extra time in the three closest Kentucky towns that are wet talking to individuals, officials, law officers, restaurant owners, business owners, about the positives and negatives.

The feedback from those towns was overwhelmingly positive from every group I mentioned above. I then weighed the opportunities we have now with what we could have with legal sales in Grayson taking into consideration the size differences, demographics, and actual feed back from the same groups I mentioned above from Grayson and again got overwhelmingly positive response.

I don't think that makes my opinion better than one voter who lives here but I can say it is the most educated one I can offer on this matter and that is that legal sales will in fact be a tremendously positive step forward for our town.

The thing I would ask people as a common sense question is, would you be afraid or ashamed to live in Maysville, Ashland, or Morehead? Why would Grayson be any worse? I recommend you vote YES but please base your vote either way on whatever information you choose.

Keith Bays