Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

September 26, 2012

Some provisions unjust to taxpayers


Sept. 26, 2012 — The editor:

A commercial that advertises a free cell phone with free minutes for anyone who is on food stamps or welfare makes my blood boil.

Am I in the wrong business or is this discrimination against the working population?

Working used to be the American way, but no longer.

Let me explain, if you have three people in the household, which my friend does, she has a total income from us the taxpayer of $1,600 month, plus about $400 in food stamps, free phone, and free medical care, with no deductible, free dental care for all, and a heating and cooling monetary allowance plus WIC.

She doesn’t have to worry about being embarrassed using food stamps at the grocery, because she has a red, white and blue card, advertising this is the American way. She also has subsidized housing, day care allowance, and medical cab. I would approximate this is about $4,000 month income, depending on how often she uses her benefits.

She pays no income taxes because she doesn’t have an income, according to the Government. Yet if I earn $4,000 month and don’t file taxes I can go to prison. Why does someone who doesn’t work need a cell phone? If we must do this, why not just have 911 available on that phone? The phone companies love this because they are on the bandwagon, also draining the taxpayer.

Another program pays for free internet service for this group. If you have a computer and need the taxpayers to foot the bill for internet service, you should sell the computer and buy a phone.

While at the dentist last week, I was told I would need to pay up front $2,700 for emergency dental work, yet the lady beside me was having extensive work done, and guess what, hers was free.

What’s next? Are we going to furnish this group, new automobiles? Free pizza, Oh! Forgot we already furnish free pizza. Now the fast food restaurants are wanting a piece of the pie, they want to be able to take the food stamp card, now this is indeed a necessity?

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of people who won’t work having luxuries that I can’t afford, because I am forced to pay for theirs.

Do I believe that there are some who need help? Absolutely. No one should do without food or clothing. In this great country, and I hope this never happens. But luxury items, NO!

I believe every able bodied person should work. They may not find the job they want, but there are jobs out there.

If you agree with me, please call your congressman, and why not let all political leaders know just how we feel. This is common practice in 31 states.

Gladys Gilbert

Olive Hill