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May 22, 2013

Phone bill has too many add-ons

May 22, 2013 — The editor:

Just paid my phone bill.  

It started at $184.92. Quickly to that amount another 12 suckers were attached to the bill totaling $64.25 in extra charges.

Hold your laughter until the end.

The add-on charges include $2.99 for receiving a paper bill. Duh. I have received a phone bill for almost 50 years by way of a paper bill without a charge.

There is something called a TRS/TAP ser charge of only $.16, being the smallest add on, but of course with thousands of customers it totals a pretty good sum. I am sure not one person in a thousand could guess what a TRS/TAP even is.

I get to pay Kentucky gross receipts surcharge of $2.63 though for the life of me I cannot understand whose gross receipts are being charged. Mine? The phone company's?

A universal service fee is $7.75 and access charge per FCC order is $36.80.

The last one I will mention, though there are more, is an access recovery charge MLC of $4. May I suggest that MLC stands for Momma Likes Cash.

How many access charges do you believe there should be to have only one access to service? Three access charges seems about two too many.

Do you, like me, remember the time when the phone bill contained only a phone bill? I suggest that the TRA/TAP $.16 must be the little piggy who got almost home and went wee wee wee all the way to the bank.  

I leave one suggestion with readers: please get out your Webster's dictionary and look up the word niggling and the word chiseling.

Robert L. Caummisar


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