Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

April 17, 2013

Pleasant Valley cemetery updates


April 17, 2013 — The editor:

    The mowing season at Pleasant Valley cemetery will begin in the next week or two. As usual we must have your help to continue the upkeep we all want for the cemetery.

    As we all  know, each year it cost us more to care for our own lawns, this is also true for the cemetery. We are looking at expenditures inn excess of $4,000 this year. Your dues of $35 are now due, if you have more than one lot, please consider this upon making your contribution.

    Many have told me that they paid the previous board for a life time. Everyone who is on the board today also paid the $200, they (the board at that time) tried to set up a perpetual care fund, they could not get enough participation from lot owners, as most lots were already sold at this time. The cemetery went many years with out asking for cemetery dues, but as interest rates continued to drop there was no choice but to ask for help from the lot owners or their loved ones.

    Many of you are so faithful to send you dues, we appreciate you so much. This saves the cemetery the money it takes to mail out letters to individuals.

    We, as always are in need of help to contact families who we do not have addresses for. If you know of anyone who has loved ones buried int eh cemetery, please pass this on to them or send me a address if you have one.

    Due to EPA regulations, there can be no burning of any type at the cemetery, we are asking everyone to please take all old flowers, boxes,containers with you when you leave the cemetery. The cemetery is posted in various spots for no dumping.

    If you have any suggestions or may be interested in serving on the board, please speak to a board member or drop a note to the address below. All board members work on a volunteer status. All money is used for cemetery needs/up-keep.

    Make checks payable to Pleasant Valley Cemetery P.O. Box 123 Grahn,KY 41142. All donations appreciated.

    Board of Directors

Pleasant Valley Cemetery