Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

December 19, 2012

Right to Work law may hurt employees


Dec. 19, 2012 — The editor:

    I am writing in regards to the articles in the paper recently about the “Right to Work Law” that appears to be getting ready to be passed in Michigan. I recently read that Michigan’s Governor Snyder was endorsing the bill so that the non-union employees would not have to pay the union for the service of negotiating contracts and other services and my question to them is, then who will be negotiating for them? Who will be talking to their employers about their living wages and health benefits and pensions?

    I asked my wife the other day if she knew what a” living wage” was. She said not really, and I told her it’s a wage that you are paid that’s good enough for you to “live” comfortably on in your community that includes health care insurance and also a pension for when you retire.

    So I ask you again, who is going to be negotiating your living wage for you if the “Right to Work Law” is passed in your state? I will tell you who – your employer! There will be no negotiating, they will simply tell you what they are going to pay you! I will admit, there is some employers who care about their employees and will do them right with their living wage, but I also must admit that I believe there will be more employers who don’t care about their employees getting a living wage and only cares about their profits.

    All you have to do is look at the history of our country before there was union and see what pitiful state employees were living in.

    Never forget that non-union workers wages were never increased until the union organized and started negotiating for those that wanted union help for a living wage. Then with that, the non-union workers’ wages were raised even to where they are today! If Michigan goes along with Indiana and other states by the direction of the GOP then I guarantee you by our history books that without union giving us the right to work for a better living wage then the right to work law will only guarantee lower wages with no benefits (if they have their way).

    Just remember if you are a non-union worker then your current wages are as high as they are because of the Union workers’ wages are as high as they are and you can go figure yourself what your wages would be with no union negotiating!

    You would be all by yourself negotiating for yourself ! How much do you think you will get for yourself, by yourself? If you’re blessed enough to have a good caring employer then thank God for them, for they are very few. If they were all that way we wouldn’t need union help. The facts are they’re very few.

    Do you want to turn back the clock to those days without any help whatsoever? A divided house will fall, and that’s what their plan is, to divide the house. They plan to make us individualized and it’s easier to tear one sheet of paper than a whole stack of papers. That’s what they want.

    Terry Sexton