Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

September 26, 2012

Get the facts on Olive Hill Senior Citizens building


Sept. 26, 2012 — The editor:

In the Aug. 31 edition of the Easteren Kentucky Voice, there was an opinion column article pertaining to the building being used as a home for The Olive Hill Senior Citizens. As self-proclaimed spokesperson for The Olive Hill Senior Citizens I felt it was my duty to address some of the mistakes in this article.

First of all, in 2007 a federal block grant in the amount of $431,000 was awarded to The City of Olive Hill for the construction of a community center. The plaque on the building clearly states that this is the Olive Hill Senior Citizens Community Center.

For those of you who don't understand how grant money is distributed let me explain: Federal grant money is earmarked for specific use. At the time there was money available to construct community centers, but not available to construct centers to be used for only one purpose, i.e. Senior Citizens Centers, so the facility in question belongs to all citizens of Olive Hill. It was determined that senior citizens would be the primary tenant of this facillity, not the EXCLUSIVE tenant.

In reference to the designation of 'Nutrition Center,' that is exactly what we are. The Carter County Senior Citizens Center is in Grayson as designated by the state of Kentucky, not the City of Olive Hill.

As for decorations being displayed in the center, this pertains to the walls only. I have personally been in numerous centers throughout the State of Kentucky and I have found walls riddled with holes, nails, screws, and remnants of tape previously used to mount assorted pictures, event fliers and decorations, so a rule of this type, aimed at anyone who uses this facillity not just the senior citizens, speaks for itself.

The rules for kitchen use and/or food preparation are established by the health department of the state of Kentucky, not the city.

I have been involved with the Senior Citizens almost since the day this facillity was dedicated and every time we have needed it for our numerous functions or fundraisers, the city has gone out of its way to see that we didn't conflict with other groups that wanted it. The monies raised from rental fees are used to defray the cost of utilities, maintenance and other expenses associated with the upkeep of a pristine facility such as this.

Now to the jigsaw puzzles in question, it is understood that our personal property should be put away at the end of each day, so there is no inconvenience to any other group that may be using this building. The puzzle that was left out was an oversight on our part. I talked to several seniors and they all agreed that this was just one puzzle and it was moved very carefully so that none of their efforts were disturbed.

It is my intent to show everyone that they should do their own research on an important matter like this and not take the opinion of one disgruntled ex-mayor.

The difference between opinions and facts is that facts can be authenticated, and opinions can not.

Roger Hanshaw

Volunteer Cordinator

Olive Hill Senior Citizens