Grayson Gallery & Art Center Director Dan Click offered a guided visit during January's F!nal Fr!day ArtWalk, providing information about the art on display as well as the artists responsible for the more than 100-piece exhibit.

Artist Lee Ann Billups Blevins earned the “People's Choice Award” for her oil painting “A Brother's Love.”

“More than 75 people were in attendance from all across the Tri-state, as far away as Lucasville, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky,” Click reported.

Guests for the evening included Sharon LaRue, Jenae Lewis Hall and Jenrose Fitzgerald of The Kentucky Foundation For Women, as well as Mary Witten Wiseman and Kathryn Lamp of the Foundation for the Tri-state Community, and State Senator Robin Webb.

Artists also enjoyed the opportunity to buy, sell and trade supplies and equipment during January's F!nal Fr!day ArtWalk.

(Photos by Tim Preston)

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