Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

August 21, 2013

Communities, newspapers need each other


Aug. 21, 2013 — Today’s issue of the Journal-Times is further evidence that these community and these newspapers depend on each other.

Without the sale of mail subscriptions, single copies and advertising space to the community, the newspapers could not exist as a business enterprise.

On the other hand, the absence of these newspapers would make it much more difficult for local businesses to get detailed advertising in the hands of potential customers.

And community residents would not have a source for the volume of news and information they want and need in their daily lives.

Another example of our interdependency is the content of this newspaper.

We have space to fill and many of you regularly provide us with news releases, photographs and other material that often are the most popular elements of a community newspaper.

We know that radio, television and the Internet obviously are faster than a twice weekly newspaper in covering the news but their reports generally are far less detailed due to time and other constraints.

Also, they don’t get involved with routine news from the courthouse like court cases and real estate transfers. Nor do they cover as much school news as we do.

Community newspapers bring you family news like births and anniversaries and those personal details that loved ones want to see in obituaries.

Carter Countians are fortunate to have access to a good broadcast news operations staffed by professionals like Jim Phillips, Francis Nash and others.

Except for car crashes and other violence, this county essentially is ignored by the Huntington TV stations.

The bottom line is that each issue of these newspapers contain detailed news and other information that you can’t find in a daily newspaper or on TV or radio or on the Internet.

To our thousands of loyal readers who get us in the mail or out of a coin rack or off of a counter, we thank you sincerely.

We try to show you each day that the word “community” is more to us than the first name of our parent company, Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc.

It defines who we are and what we do each week in print alone to make sure our readers have the news and information they want and need.

We’re also constantly working to improve our website. We hope you’ve noticed that we’re more active with Facebook.

Underlying all we do is 97 years of tradition that shows our deep pride at being your hometown newspapers.