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March 12, 2010

Emerson found not guilty


March 10, 2010 —

Curtis asked Emerson if he had it to do over again, would he allow Barbara Lawrence and her daughter to stay with him in his home.

“No sir,” Emerson answered. “I was just trying to be good to them. But look what it got me. I am not guilty of murder. I was only protecting my own life. I agree that I killed a man, but I didn’t commit murder.”

Once taken to the Carter County Detention Center, Emerson made a statement to a deputy jailer.

Conn read the statement Tuesday during the trial. Conn said Emerson’s story on the stand was different from the night he made the statement. “You left out that he was threatening to kill you,” Conn told Emerson.

“Yes, I did,” Emerson replied. “I left a few things out, I guess. But I had just killed a man. And when I made that statement I was crying. I had just killed a man. I was torn up.”

Conn asked if what he testified Tuesday was the truth or was his original statement. “What I’m saying today is the truth. I just left out that he threatened to kill me. He came into my house, and I was not able to fight him. He came into my house and threatened to beat me to death. I was just protecting my own life.”

The trial is set to resume today at 10 a.m. Closing arguments are expected this afternoon and the jury is likely to deliberate.

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