Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)


February 24, 2012

Grayson dog ordinance moves forward

Feb. 24, 2012 — The Grayson City Council met Thursday night in a special meeting to review a proposed animal ordinance, and hear from the public.

City attorney Reid Glass presented the ordinance, reading each section and allowing the 11 citizens whom attended to comment if they felt the need.

The ordinance encourages pet ownership, but the council wants to ensure the safety of people, property and the pets themselves.

The council decided to make key changes and clarifications presented by the public and schedule another special meeting in the near future.

They also decided on the penalties for offenses of the ordinance.

A leash law is proposed, which would require all dogs within city limits to be on a leash unless the animal is restricted to the owner's property. This part of the ordinance will go into effect after the second reading of the ordinance.

Vaccinations, licensing, and animal care are also addressed in the ordinance.  Pet owners will have 120 days after the second reading to comply.

All citizen participants wanted to see the ordinance go into effect, but many voiced concerns about enforcement, how things were defined, and that felines were not addressed.

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